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Why pay?

Many people wonder why you would pay when you’re going to work disinterested for a project as a volunteer. We have a simple explanation for that:

The preparations and guidance you get from Banyan cost time and money. We are not financially supported by the government and are therefore dependant on your contribution to continue to exist. In addition, the organisations with which Banyan works do not have the financial ability to house, transport or guide a volunteer.

Transport, accomodation and support are all part of the responsibility of Banyan. Therefore we ask volunteers to make their own travel- and subsistence payments.

Project costs

To be able to participate in a project of Banyan we ask for a contribution to cover the costs. These costs include:

• Housing and accomodation:
Costs for staying at a guesthouse or accomodation at the project you’re going to work for. These costs you don’t pay in advance, but once you’re there.

• Transport:
The costs for pick-up and / or drop off at the airport

• Preparation and guidance:
Costs for a good preparation and guidance in the Netherlands and India, information package and advise before departure.

• Donation:
A small part of your donation goes directly to the project, to support ongoing programmes and to cover unexpected costs.

• Other costs:
These include costs for administration, invoice and printing.

Costs partner organisation India

For placement at projects marked with a * we ask you a single stage rate of 199 euro. You pay here for an imported part in support and guidance of our Dutch volunteer-coordinator in India.
He makes sure you get settled after your arrival and shows you around in your new environment, he connects you with other (foreign) students and helps you with practical matters. The volunteer-coordinator speaks besides Dutch fluently English and Tamil and is the central contact person in case of problems. Also if we find a suitable project that meets your needs, which is a part of this partner organisation but is not listed on this website, we will ask you for this extra payment.

Calculation of costs

The above costs are based on an average number of volunteers. If there are more volunteers than the average, there is more money than necessary. However, when the number of volunteers is lower, the costs will be coverded by money from periods when there were more applicants. The reason why we work like this is because we don’t want to charge our projects, which would in turn reduce their work.

Specification cost