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Banyan does more than involve interns and volunteers in the work of our partners. We also help our development organisations fianancially to guarantee their existence. With a regular or once-only donation you too can make our work possible.

Why donating to Banyan?

Banyan is working with small projects that can make good use of your donations to continue to exist. Projects that, in spite of sometimes difficult situations, are led by the local people with great enthusiasm and exuberance. Often expansion of facilities is needed, especially to offer children what they deserve and wherefore are no possibilities at their homes: a place where they can learn, play and relax.

Donate to a project

You might want to donate to a particular project because it has your special interest or because you are involved with the project yourself. Banyan offers you the possibility to donate to a project of your choice. For a list of projects click here.

Specific goals/projects are mentioned on the bottom of the projectpage.

Support a volunteer

If you know a volunteer who is participating at one of our projects it is also possible to give a peronal contribution to the project he or she is going to work for. Go to the donation page and state the name of the volunteer you want to donate to. We make sure your contribution will go to the project and the volunteer you chose to support.

Through the website, blogs, newsletters and volunteers we will keep you informed about the latest developments of our projects.

Thanks for your support.