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Volunteering / Internship abroad

Are you a student, qualified, or are you in the fortunate position of taking a gapyear? Then volunteering abroad may be a good investment in your future and that of the locals that you're going to work with.

Banyan offers a variety of interesting development projects in Tamil Nadu in south-east India, where you can gain a unique experience and your study assignments can be achieved.

As a volunteer you can participate from three months up to one year at different schools and orphanages, but you can also make yourself useful at for instance a biodynamic farm or share your knowledge at a pottery or a design studio.

We will find you a suitable place and guide you from beginning to end, both in the Netherlands as in India.


In Hinduism, the banyan is considered a sacred tree. The name of the tree comes from the word ‘banya’ which means ‘trader’ in Gujarati. The shade of the tree was frequently used by Indian traders for selling their products. The banyan is thought of as perfectly symbolising eternal life due to its seemingly unending expansion. In Hindu culture the banyan tree is also called ‘kalpavriksha’ meaning ‘wish fulfilling divine tree.’

They say sitting in silence under the tree, it will give you knowledge and enlightment.

Vision / mission

Like the banyan, we stand for growth and development and want to make wishes come true.

For us that means working together on a better future for people with less opportunities than you and me. In this way, we want to build a bridge between a society where people live in abundance and a world where poverty prevails. Through involvement and sharing of knowledge, you too can make a difference in the lives of the people you are going to work with, which will broaden your horizon too.