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For which study

If you like to use your work- or graduation internship to add something to a development organisation in India, we can offer you a variety of projects. Our partners offer suitable placements in social areas for studies like: nursing, speech therapy, physiotherapy and social- and pedagogic work. We regularly have also internplaces available in the field of aquatic eco-technology or watermanagement, ecological agriculture, horticulture and stockraising.

Even for less obvious studies we have interesting internships. Do you want to work at a clothing design studio, a pottery, or a project where women make useful objects of waste material? At Banyan you can choose any direction.


As a student you can expect the same support as when you start as a volunteer. There will be a mentor assigned for the project you choose, who will be available every day to answer your questions and to assist you where necessary. There will be a regional co-ordinator available as a permanent contact point who also helps you with practical matters. Ofcourse we make sure you will be well prepaired when you start your internship.

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Do you want to know more about our intern places? Then write us a motivation letter including your CV, in which you let us know what you’re studying and what kind of internship you're looking for. Together we can find you a suitable place.