Banyan buitenlandse stages
volunteering abroad


KvK in Middelburg
Number: 51135086

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605 101 Tamil Nadu

0091 9655855368
What can you do

As a volunteer you can work for various development projects. You can for example teach women or children, help with the dalily care and assistance of handicapped people, support in health care or participate in setting up a website. It just depends on your skills, but you can always make yourself useful.


  • You are enthusiastic and motivated
  • You are 18 years or older
  • You are flexible
  • You can make yourself clear in English
  • You want to learn about another culture
  • You seriously want to participate in your project

In the first place you can pick your choice from the projects we offer. For some of the heavier projects is more experience required, therefore we keep an age limit older than18 years. In any case we will always try to find the place that best suits you.


We want to make sure you seriously want to volunteer. As part of the notification, we therefore ask you to write us a motivation letter. We also like to receive your CV so we can find you a project that suits your demands. If we sense any doubt, we might invite you for a personal interview. This can also be arranged at your own request.


Are you enthusiastic and you want to sign up? We will send you an information package with all the tips you need for preparing your adventure.

Download it here.