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NGO stands for Non Governmental Organisation. The diversity of NGO’s strains any simple definition. They include many groups and institutions that are entirely or largely independent of the government and that have primarily humanitarian or cooperative rather than commercial objectives. They are private agencies in industrial countries that support international development, indigenous groups organized regionally or nationally and member-groups in villages.

NGO’s also include charitable and religious associations that mobilize private funds for development, distribute food, inform about family planning and promote community organisation. They also include independent cooperatives, community associations, water-user societies, women's groups and pastoral associations. Citizen groups that want to raise awareness and influence policy are also NGOs. The partners of Banyan maintain a growing network of Indian partners. Most of them are 'Non-Governmental Organisations' or NGO's working in Indian villages. They support activities that aim at sustainable development of vulnerable targetgroups of communities, such as women, children, handicapped or marginalized people like the Dalits and the tribals.

During the tenure of a volunteer or intern, we're in constant contact with our partner. If necessary we intervene to clarify events that might stand in the way of a smooth relationship between volunteer and intern and his or her host organisation. In any case we are available 24 hours a day for all our stakeholders.