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volunteering abroad


KvK in Middelburg
Number: 51135086

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605 101 Tamil Nadu

0091 9655855368
For who is Banyan

For everyone who is interested in voluntary work, who wants to experience a different society, do something meaningful, participate in a special manner and who wants an instructive experience in a different environment and culture.

What we offer

When you’re a student or volunteer from 18 years or older, we can offer you appropriate work- and graduation internplaces for various disciplines at MBO, HBO and academic level in social, agricultural and creative areas. Also when you’ve just graduated and you want to experience something different before you start a job, when you’re retired or you want to put your skills into practice as an expert we can help you find the right place.


We are approachable during the entire placement process and offer you a comprehensive information package. During your preparations in the Netherlands and your internship in India professionals will be available to ensure everything runs smoothly. All this in conjunction with your school and the project in India. An evaluation will take place after your internship or volunteer time. For both parties an important element, where any improvement can be suggested.